General Questions

  • Is the IEP available for MapInfo or Mac OS? 
    The IEP is currently a plugin for ArcGIS which only runs on the Windows platform.
  • Will the IEP run in ArcGIS Pro? 
    The IEP is targeted for ArcMap currently.
  • Why are datasets restricted to be only within Western Australia?
    This free version of the IEP is an Exploration Incentive Scheme supported project, so the first priority is to cater to explorers of Western Australia.


  • What do I do if I get a black screen when I load my dataset or when I create a blend? 
    The size of the dataset may be too large for your graphic card’s memory. Right click in the raster data or evidence layer item and select “Pyramid Texture Tiles”.
  • Why do I need to clear the data cache? 
    The IEP stores the output of DRC, data stretches, and evidence layers so that it can be quickly loaded subsequently. If a cached data item is missing then it may be necessary to clear the data cache and reload the item.

System Requirements

The Integrated Exploration Platform v2.5 has been tested to run on systems with:

  • Windows 7
  • 1GHz processor or faster
  • 1GB of hard disk space or more.
  • 2GB of RAM or more.
  • DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card
  • ArcGIS version 10.2 or later.

Known Issues

The following list notes the known issues that have been identified but not yet rectified in this development version (v2.5):

  • Locking conflicts with exported blends and shapefiles. Work-around is to remove file from ArcMap before export. Files may also need a right-click ‘refresh’ on the Catalog list to fully release the file or database. Then re-add the exported file back into ArcMap.
  • No undo functionality.
  • Loading large datasets (800Mb+) may not load correctly.
  • 3D datasets are not yet correctly loaded with a spatial reference.
  • Mixing geodetic and projected spatial references can cause inaccurate dataset extents, especially in exporting blends.
  • Metadata not stored properly on exports of blends or interpretations.
  • There is no North arrow or other labelling in 3D views.
  • The camera view is not updated to focus on an interpretation feature group as it does with blends and datasets.
  • Interpretation groups with names that begin with numbers or special characters (i.e. &, ~ etc.) may have their names changed when saved in a workspace.

Features in Development

Below are some of the ideas we have for new features for future versions of the IEP:

  • Improving the interface for better useability and flexibility to different workflows.
  • Next phase of interpretation support tools (lithology and texture analysis).
  • More advanced tools dealing with 3D datasets (such as exporting voxel subsets, importing surfaces).
  • Extend tools for displaying and processing raster data (such as custom colour maps and data stretches).