Sample Data

The Sample Data contains the following datasets

  • geology_Kimb
  • Kimb_clip_500k_interpstrucl14
  • WA_80m_Mag_Merge_RTP_v1_2014_Kimb
  • WA_400m_Grav_Merge_v2_2013_Kimb
  • geology_NCapricorn
  • NCapricorn_clip_500k_interpstrucl14
  • WA_80m_K_Merge_v1_2014_NCapricorn
  • WA_80m_KThU_Merge_v1_2014_NCapricorn
  • WA_80m_TC_Merge_v1_2014_NCapricorn
  • WA_80m_Th_Merge_v1_2014_NCapricorn
  • WA_80m_U_Merge_v1_2014_NCapricorn
  • WA_80m_Mag_Merge_RTP_v1_2014_NCapricorn
  • WA_400m_Grav_Merge_v1_2015_NCapricorn
  • geology_SCapricorn
  • WA_80m_Mag_Merge_RTP_v1_2014_SCapricorn
  • WA_400m_Grav_Merge_v1_2015_SCapricorn

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