Section 4: Exporting blends to ArcMap

  • 2D Blends can be exported and loaded into ArcMap.
  • Blends are exported via the right click context menu on the blend list (as a geotiff).
  • Note there is an unresolved issue of file locking – once a blend is loaded into ArcMap, IEP can no longer access the file for subsequent saves to the same location. A workaround is to unload it from ArcMap prior to re-saving.


  1. Select a 2D blend in the blend list to export, and choose the Export blend (GeoTiff) … from the right click context menu on a selected blend in the blend list.
  2. In the Save As dialog, choose a file location to save the blend as a geotiff.
  3. Locate the geotiff in the Catalog panel in ArcMap or Windows Explorer, and drag-and-drop it into the Table of Contents in ArcMap.