Section 7: Loading and Saving Interpretation Shapefiles

  • Existing interpretations (as shapefiles) can be loaded into the IEP via a drag-drop similar to loading datasets.
  • Interpretations can be also be exported and loaded into ArcMap.
  • Interpretations are exported via Save group … option in the right click context menu on the interp group list (as a shapefile).
  • Note there is an unresolved issue of file locking – once an interp is loaded into ArcMap, IEP can no longer access the file for subsequent saves to the same location. A workaround is to unload it from ArcMap prior to re-saving.

An example for loading, editing, and exporting an interpretation to ArcMap

  1. Choose an existing interpretation shapefile from either the Catalog panel in ArcMap, or from Windows Explorer, and drag it onto the interp group list in the IEP.
  2. Right click on the loaded item and choose to Edit Group Properties. Update the colour for the group, and note the attributes loaded.
  3. Select and edit some of the existing features. Also create some new features.
  4. Right click on the interp group list and choose the Save group … option from the context menu.
  5. In the Save As dialog, choose a location to save the interpretation.
  6. Locate the exported shapefile in the Catalog panel in ArcMap and drag-and-drop into the Table of Contents in ArcMap to load it.